How to get started with Bix?

Bix is a free feature for all customers at, so the first thing you need is a web space with Next step is then to create a drive:

  1. Log in to the Control Panel from
  2. Click the icon for Bix
  3. Click Create a drive.

When creating a new drive, you will also create a new user, unique to that drive; however, you can choose an already existing Bix user, or even change the user after the drive has been created.

Download applications:

From the Control Panel you can easily download all the applications from which you wish to reach and edit your Bix files. You can also download apps for iPhone/iPad through App Store, and for Android through Google Play. It is also possible to access your drive through your browser, by logging in to the Bix File Manager.

Where can I download the Bix software?

Guides to get you started:

Once the Bix software has been downloaded and installed on your device, please refer to the following guides:

Using Bix on Windows
Using Bix on Mac
Using Bix on iPhone
Using Bix on iPad
Using Bix on Android

You are now ready to start using the Bix features!