How do I transfer my .nl domain to

Before you start a transfer, it is important to make sure that the current registration details are up-to-date.

1. Check the registration details of your domain and obtain the transfer code (Auth id)

Contact your current hosting provider and ask them to update the registration details for your domain (if needed) and to send you the transfer code (Auth id), known as "Token". We need the transfer code (Auth id) to be able to transfer your domain.

Tip: You can check the current status of your .nl domain on is the registry for .nl domains.

2. Place an order on our website

Enter your domain in the top-right-corner on our website. On the next page click Yes, this is my domain and follow the rest of the procedure.

Tip: The email address that you enter under Customer details will be your contact address, so we advise you to use an address that isn't linked to your domain. This way we can also reach you in case of problems during the transfer.

3. Confirm the transfer

After you have completed your order, we will send you a confirmation via email. In this confirmation you'll find a link to the invoice and a link to Transfer your domain. Here you can enter the transfer code (Auth id) to confirm your transfer. You can also give us the transfer code (Auth id) via the online chat support or via email. As soon as your domain is transferred SIDN sends you a confirmation via email.

More information:

Reason a transfer might fail: Your domain is in quarantine

When an .nl domain expires it gets quarantined for 40 days. During this period the domain cannot be used. It is possible to reactivate the domain again for a fee. The only person who can reactivate the domain is the former registrant, as shown in the Whois. After the quarantine period runs out, the domain becomes available for registration again.

For more information please look here: or contact our support.

Reason a transfer might fail: Your current provider doesn't cooperate

If your current provider refuses to give you the transfer code (Auth id), or doesn't respond to your requests, it is possible to escalate the transfer with SIDN and transfer the domain without the cooperation of your provider. Please contact our support for more information.