How do I transfer my .com/.net/.org domain to

It is essential that the registration details for your domain are correct.

1. Check the current status and registration details of your domain.

Before you start a transfer, please contact your current hosting provider and ask them to:

  • Check the current registration details of your domain and update them if needed.
  • Send you a transfer code to confirm the transfer, also known as auth id, EPP code or Token.
  • Remove the Registrar Lock, in case there is one.
Tip: Ask your current provider to already change the name servers to ours in order to speed up the transfer process.

2. Place an order on our website

Enter your domain in the top-right corner on our website. On the next page click Yes, this is my domain and follow the rest of the procedure.

Tip: The email address that you enter under Customer details will be your contact address, so we advise you to use an address that is not linked to your domain. This way we can also reach you in case of problems during the transfer.

3. Confirm the transfer

After you have completed your order, we will send you a confirmation via email. In this confirmation you'll find a link to the invoice and a link to Transfer your domain. Here you can enter the transfer code to confirm your transfer.

4. Approve the transfer request via email

  • After you have entered the transfer code an email is sent from A/S USD to the domain's Registrant email and Admin email. You can check these in the Whois.
  • Click on the link in this email to approve the transfer.
  • After you have approved the transfer it takes between 5-10 days before your domain is transferred. You will receive a confirmation from once this is the case.

Reasons a transfer might fail

60 Days lock

If a domain was registered or transferred less than 60 days ago it will have a 60-days-lock. During this period it is not possible to transfer the domain to another provider (registrar).

Expired domains or Redemption

If a domain already has expired or is in redemption it is not possible to transfer the domain. Please contact your current hosting provider for more information about the possibilities to reactivate it. You can check the status of the domain in the Whois database.