How do I send newsletters using's mail service?

When using's mail service to send newsletters we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines. They help your newsletter to meet current standards and reach its recipients.

1 - Only send mail to recipients who have signed up

We advice a double subscribe feature. Let the recipients actively sign up for your newsletter, and then let them confirm the subscription, by clicking a link on your website. In some countries it's forbidden to send unsolicited bulk mail, so make sure that your recipients actually want to receive your newsletter.

2 - Add an unsubscribe option

Add an unsubscribe option to your newsletter. Either by adding a link to your website with instructions how to, or include an email address they can write to and unsubscribe. Emails without an unsubscribe feature, get blocked by spam filters automatically.

3 - Avoid suspicious content

Spam filters check all emails. How these filters work is not public, since it would give spammers the knowledge needed to bypass these filters. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use a subject that fits with your message
  • Don't use all caps or a lot of exclamation marks
  • Don't send an email that only contains an image, and no content.
    Spam filters cannot read images, so they suspect that you are trying to trick them.
  • Don't link to unverified sites

The email might get blocked, if the site you are linking to is blocked by browser filters like "Google Safe browsing" etc., or if a link on the website you are linking to is blocked. Note that it is the domain, and not the url that gets blocked.

4 - Send emails in batches

Our servers handle a limited amount of emails at a time, to make sure that all mails ends up where they should. Our servers allow you to send 25 emails per 5 minutes, or to 250 recipients per 5 minutes. If you want to have more information about the limits, please contact our support.

5 - Keep your mailing list updated

Make sure that you remove addresses from bounced emails from your mailing list. By keeping your mailing list up-to-date, you avoid sending emails to non-existing addresses.

And you don't cause extra load on our mail servers.

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