How do I manage SSL for my website?

SSL increases security on your website by encrypting the data transfer between your website and its visitors. SSL is becoming a requirement for more and more services online. Many users appreciate that a website is protected by SSL, which is indicated by the "https" in the browser's address bar.

To activate SSL for your website:

  1. Log on your Control Panel
  2. Click SSL
  3. Select On
  4. Click Save

When you enable SSL for the first time, it takes up to 90 minutes before the certificate is installed and working.

We use SNI (Server Name Indication) which enables multiple websites to run on the same IP number.

SNI is not supported by Internet Explorer on Windows XP meaning that the users running Windows XP and Internet Explorer, will not be able to take advantage of SSL on your website.

SNI works on Chrome 6+, Opera 8+ and Firefox 2.0+ on Windows XP.

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