How do I install a theme for WordPress?

Note: To install a theme, you need the parent plugin. Follow the guide below, if you don't have this plugin installed yet.

How do I install the parent plugin?

We have converted our most popular Website Builder templates to WordPress themes. The themes make it easy to quickly get started with your WordPress site.

  1. Log in to your WordPress administration.
  2. Click on the plugin section.
  3. Move your mouse over the theme you want to use and click Install.
  4. Hover over the theme again and click Activate.
Note: Once a theme has been installed you can also find it under Appearance > Themes in your WordPress administration.
The plugin allows you to choose from our custom made WordPress themes

Import demo data

You can import demo data into your theme and make it even easier to get started with your site. Demo data consists out of pages with sample content like text and images.

When you edit your site, simply replace the demo data with your own text and images.

  1. In your WordPress administration, click your theme title, in this example "Heisengard".
  2. Click Import Demo Data.
  3. Once the import has completed, click Save Changes.
Import demo data to your theme to make it easier to get started
Note: If you already imported demo data before for another theme, you need to remove these pages manually. You can do this under Pages in the WordPress administration.

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