How do I change the template for an existing page?

When you change the template of an existing page, the look of the page changes, but the content stays the same.

  1. In the Pages tab, select the page you want to change the template of.
  2. Check if you are in Edit Page mode and go to the Properties tab.
  3. Next to Current template click the Page icon.
  4. Select the template you want to use and click Save.
  5. The template has now been changed. Click Publish to save your changes and make them visible online.

Change the active template of an existing page
Tip: If you want to use a different template for your site, you first need to make it part of your existing templates.

1 - Click New Page.
2 - Click templates at the bottom.
3 - Select the template you want to use and Save your changes in Website Builder.

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