How do I change my contact details if I cannot login?

If you can't change your contact details in the control panel, you can use our change contact details form instead.

  1. Open the change contact details form in your browser. We recommend you to use Chrome.
  2. Fill out the form online.
  3. Select the type of identification you intend to include.
  4. Check the boxes if you want to change your password and update details on your domain.
  5. Write your signature and date at the bottom of the printed form. We cannot accept a digital signature.
  6. Make a digital scan or photo of the signed form.
  7. Fill out our supportform and send the form, together with your identification, to us as an attachment.

We will answer your request within 24 hours.

Note: A domain (g-tld only) gets locked for 60 days if you change the contact details in the WHOIS. During this period a domain cannot be transferred to another provider. You can opt out of the lock by checking the box on the form.

Why do I need to send my ID?

A lot of our customers have personal information stored on their web space, like emails, photos and videos. It is our responsibilty to make sure this data is secure.

To avoid that unauthorized users get access to your data, we require identification when changing your contact details through a signed form.

You are welcome to write our sales and administrative support if you have questions about this.

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