How to create a login at


Go to and click ACESSAR CONTA.

domain br registro 01


Add your contact/CPF/CNPJ/Domain in the USUÁRIO field and click Esqueci ou não tenho a senha. You will receive an email from with a link to change/add your password. Click the link.

domain br registro 08


Add your new password in the SENHA and CONFIRME A SENHA fields. Remember to add a password reminder phrase in the field LEMBRETE. Click ENTRAR.

domain br registro 03


You will receive another email from with a link to confirm the password. The link is only active for 24 hours.

domain br registro 02


Once you have clicked the link, you will see this screen. You will receive another email confirming your personal data and the password reminder phrase you have just added. Save this email for the future. Click aqui or ACESSAR CONTA to log in.

domain br registro login 04


You are now logged in with Here you have full control of your domains, can update your contact information etc.

domain br registro 06