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Web hosting at means complete solutions that are adapted to your requirements and needs. As soon as the fixed, low annual subscription is paid, we make a broad range of products and services available. We have always wanted to make it as easy as possible for our clients to realise their ideas of a personal website, of creating a blog and to share photos in the Gallery on their own domain. At the same time, our web hosting solutions also contain good tools for the demanding professional and for the technically competent user who wants to build things up from the bottom.

Web hosting at contains, e.g. the following elements:

from 25 GB to 8 TB web hosting
Free traffic to the web space
Daily backup
Email system with web mail and IMAP access
Spam filter

Why you need web hosting

The aim of web hosting is to make all the means available that are required to make a website accessible on the Internet. More technically demanding and complicated ways of getting content up onto the Internet also exist. Unless you are ready to have a server standing in your premises and you are interested and have the skills to configure the name server, etc. then you need a web hosting service. This is also what the majority of domain owners choose to make use of.

Domain, email and website

The core service in web hosting is to get the website onto the network so that everyone with a connection to the Internet can see the page on their computer. The best thing to do is to have your own domain so, for instance, visitors only need to write to find your personal website.

Another just as important part of web hosting worth mentioning is email. With email you have access to an incredibly effective and time-saving means of communication. And with email on your own domain, you emphasise your personal identity in a more complete way than with a free email provider.

In addition to web hosting usually containing a domain, a certain number of email addresses and a specific traffic volume, you will also be able to use a number of associated services from a web hosting provider. For example, many web hosts offer a form of protection against spam and virus, visitor statistics and possibly a database for the web space.

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Why you should pay for web hosting

There are various forms of "free web hosting" on the market. However, as a rule these are product packages with strictly limited functionality and size. Moreover, these types of web hosting are based on servers with low performance and poor stability. If you are willing to accept the disadvantages and you are ready to manage without support on the product, then free web hosting may perhaps cover the need for a limited period.

But if you prioritise stability, security and user-friendliness and if the quality of your web hosting is important to you, then in the majority of cases a paid web space would be the only right thing. This must also be seen in the light of quality web hosting at not needing to cost more than 2.45 $ /month per month.

Significant differences to web hosting

There is a significant difference to what you get for your money when you buy web hosting. As a basis, with many providers you will only be allocated a single or a few email addresses; other places will give you so little space that files will need to be constantly deleted in order to have enough megabytes available online.

On the day you may need a database or more email addresses; you will most likely be billed a separate charge for this. The same applies to traffic to the web space. It is a rare thing that web hosting includes free and unlimited traffic to a web space. The majority of providers bill a separate charge for traffic that exceeds a fixed limit for traffic volume. This is despite the fact that these providers are often already more expensive than

Complete web hosting at

It is worth your while to note that supplies complete web hosting to all clients. This means that all functions are available from day one and so saying, we also mean everything from gallery, blog, website programme to an unlimited number of email accounts. Furthermore, we have unlimited traffic so you never need to think about whether an unpleasant extra bill will arrive because your web space has exceeded the allocated traffic consumption.

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Web hosting at contains all the tools needed to have a domain with an appurtenant website, email accounts, database, photo galleries and blogs on the Internet. Everything is gathered in a user-friendly solution so that special technical competences are quite unnecessary to achieve a professional result.

For all domains with the exception of '.dk' domains, the annual domain fee is included in the annual invoice from In so doing, as a web hosting client at you are ensured against unpleasant surprises of any kind.

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