A secure web hosting solution with daily backup

Daily backup with One.com ensures your web space against data loss. Security copying to a backup data center is your guarantee for optimal data security - regardless of your choice of solution. The daily remote backup is carried out through a dedicated fiber-optic connection and contains all data from the website, database and emails. If disaster strikes and a system fails all our customers are guaranteed a quick restore from the security copy. A web space with One.com is a secure place to store data.

For example, a web space at One.com provides access to the following elements:

Remote backup to a separate data center
Fireproof, 24 hour monitored server room
Safety copying of emails, web and database content
Quick restore after system failure


Backup means copying data in order to have a copy of the information that can be used to re-create content in case of data loss. Just like choosing high quality hardware is important, thorough backup routines are essential safety measures by any form of data handling. Backing up is also called safety copying and it can, in practice, be done in many ways. Like many people save an extra copy of their files on, for an example, a USB-stick or CD-ROM, an online data backup can be stored on different media. For instance, it can be a tape backup to mag tape or a backup to a hard drive.

Remote backup

Many factors have contributed to an increased need for backup. The magnitude of business critical data, has sky rocketed in many companies. Just like the spread of high speed internet connections and dropping prices on hardware has reduced the expenses on more advanced means of backup and remote backup. Especially the increased risk factors have contributed to a stronger focus on security. In recent years many have been aware of risks like hacking and malware, natural disasters and acts of terror.

One.com uses a remote backup solution. This means that all user data and One.com's system data are secured by daily remote backup of all servers to a data center, placed at different location than the main data center. The two server rooms are interconnected with a private dedicated 10 Gbit fiber connection. With two identical data sets we get extra safety in case of a failure in the main data center. The data centers are monitored 24/7 and are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems.

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Data centers with 24 hours surveillance

The content of web spaces with email accounts and databases is physically located in a so-called data center where the information is stored on hard disks, which are similar to the hard drive in an ordinary computer. A datacenter consists of highly specialized computers and hard disks that are linked together and as One.com serves hundreds of thousands web spaces and handles millions of emails, the requirements to the capacity and operation reliability are highly specific. In this matter, backup plays an extremely important part to make sure all customers can store their data with confidence. The servers that contain the customers' web spaces, email accounts and databases must be accessible and operative at all times. The same applies to the entire infrastructure that surrounds the servers and is the prerequisite for the systems to operate as planned.

Use your web space as backup

By means of the safety routines that protect data with One.com your web space is an obvious choice to use for your own personal remote backup. For an example, use a gallery to backup your images. Then you also benefit from being protected from theft, fires or other catastrophes. Also thanks to the large storage space you do not have to delete your emails. By keeping your emails on the server at One.com you keep all your emails and attached files, even though your computer should break or be stolen.

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