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We improved our login routines

Written Feb 21, 2014 Category: Security - Web Hosting

Use your email address to log in

We’re constantly improving our services at One.com, and one of our latest launches included updated routines for logging in to the Control Panel.

Next time you access the Control Panel, we’ll ask you to create a new login. All you need to do is to use the registered contact email address as your user name, instead of your domain name. The contact email address is the address where you receive all the password emails and invoices from One.com.

Just click Create new login on the login page, enter your email address, and make sure to update your password from the link we sent you. That’s it.

New features: Single login for web spaces + guest users

With the new login routines in place, we can offer those of you with multiple web spaces, to manage them all with one single login. You can also decide yourself how to make use of the disk space across your subscriptions.

We’ve also added the option to invite guest user to the Control Panel, and letting you control which features they can access, without having to share your personal password.

For all the questions you might have, about logins, web spaces or guest users - our support is here to help.