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Let Your Pictures Reach New Audiences

Written Aug 24, 2008 Category: Blog - Gallery - Website

Let Your Pictures Reach New Audiences

Embedding of Photo and Video in Blogs and Webpages

From now on you don't have to settle for displaying your pictures in Photo Gallery on your web space.

You can now insert your photo albums into other websites too, into your own blog or elsewhere. To embed an album means to display an album on a location outside the gallery itself by means of an embed code.

Embedding is known from e.g. YouTube, from which a video can be inserted into a blog or a website. Now you can do the same with your photos. On the link below you'll find an example on embedding of an album located on the address :

It's easy to embed an album. All you need to do is to copy the embed code from the gallery and insert it into your blog or in your website, wherever you want to show the album.

In the blog system from you just click the new video icon, and then the embed code can be inserted.