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Group Your Gallery Users Together

Written Sep 7, 2009 Category: Gallery

Group Your Gallery Users Together

New feature lets you form user groups for easy management of user rights

From now on it will be easier to manage the access rights for your albums and pictures in's Photo Gallery.

We are introducing the opportunity for you to collect gallery users into groups and in a simple and clear way assign privileges to the groups.

The three groups "Friends", "Family" and "Coworkers" will be created by default and they may of course be renamed if you want to. Additionally, you can create and name your own groups. If you for example have created an album for your holiday pictures, you can with just a few clicks give the groups "Friends" and "Family" but not "Coworkers" access to watch the pictures and leave comments in the album.

It is also possible to give a user the status of a "Super user" with all rights. This corresponds to a "Gallery administrator".