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New Webmail

Written Feb 19, 2008 Category: Email

New webmail - After three years of intensive development is now launching a completely new webmail. The new webmail offers an interface which is usually restricted to applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird. Speed and usability have been prioritized highly in this development and thus the new webmail is supported in both Inter Explorer and Firefox browsers. Support for the Macintosh browser Safari will be implemented at a later point.

Currently the new webmail is only available to new customers. The reasoning for this is that at this point it does not offer calendar support which some customers use today.
The calendar feature is being implemented and will be available during 2008 after which all customers will be given access to the new webmail.

Should you already at this point want to use the new webmail even though it is not yet fully featured you are welcome to contact our chat support 24/7 at and they will then upgrade your web space to make use of the new webmail.