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Backup Review: Survey - Europeans Move to the Cloud

Written Feb 14, 2012 Category: Bix

Backup Review writes: A survey by, the innovative supplier of web hosting services, reveals that as many as one in two Europeans use online storage services.

The Brits (63 percent) rely more on Cloud Drives for personal and business use than any other nationalities, while the Belgians lag behind their European counterparts with only 40 percent regularly using online services. Security is the most important criteria (66 percent) when selecting a web service, but the reluctance to store sensitive information online is still high. Only four percent of all respondents save passwords in Cloud Drives; unsurprisingly no German respondent stores passwords online.

The most popular files stored online are pictures (68 percent), followed by important work (50 percent) and personal (44 percent) documents. In contrast, audio (32 percent) and video (29 percent) files are saved less frequently in Cloud Drives.

"A few years ago we witnessed a different picture, with only a few important work and private files stored in personal clouds. Nowadays sophisticated web services with built-in data encryption and password protection for files and folders offer a safe and secure location for online document storage,”

said Thomas Medard Frederiksen, COO at

"For us, security and privacy go hand in hand. We ensure that our customers’ data is kept safe with online backup, synchronization and recovery of previous file versions. Our customers have full control and can choose whether to encrypt their data and at what level, to ensure that sensitive information can’t fall into the wrong hands. We promise customers that their data is stored safely and belongs to them."

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Backup Review: Survey - Europeans Move to the Cloud, One in Two Respondents Use Cloud Services for Storage