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Mobile Blog and Photo Gallery

We have now improved the experience of blogging and using galleries on mobile phones.

A series of improvements to's Photo Gallery and blog system makes your online photos appear in a more attractive and user-friendly way on mobile phones and other small-screen devices.

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Written Aug 31, 2010 Category: Blog - Gallery

Easy Sharing of Photos and Blog Posts

You can now share content directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.

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Written Dec 29, 2008 Category: Blog - Gallery

Let Your Pictures Reach New Audiences

You can now insert your photo albums into other websites too, into your own blog or elsewhere. To embed an album means to display an album on a location outside the gallery itself by means of an embed code.

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Written Aug 24, 2008 Category: Blog - Gallery - Website

New Blog System has just released a new blog system, which is available to all our customers. The system allows you to create blogs on your own domain, with just a few clicks. It requires neither technical knowledge nor any programming - everyone can do this!

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Written Dec 3, 2006 Category: Blog