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Now included in all our web hosting packages - Cloud Drive!

Written Oct 17, 2011 Category: Bix

Access your files anytime - …anywhere… - from any device

Cloud Drive is the new and easy way to store, edit and share all kinds of data; photos, music, videos, documents and much more. Currently, your data might be scattered around in different places; your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android phone. With Cloud Drive, you can bring all your files together in one place, giving you unlimited access anytime, anywhere and from any device. You can even have all your music on your Cloud Drive and stream it to your phone. Cloud Drive has been developed in-house by a dedicated team consisting of more than 20 developers over the last 3 years.

Share documents, videos and photos… - Instantly and on the go

Whether you want to share photos, videos and music with friends and family or documents and presentations with colleagues and business partners; Cloud Drive makes it a breeze to share your files instantly. You can also capture photos on your phone and share them straight away!

Automated online backup - …Never lose a file again!

With Cloud Drive you never have to think about backing up to external hard drives, DVDs or memory sticks, all your data is stored securely on our servers. You can also recover previous versions of your files even if you have accidentally deleted them.

With or without Cloud Drive - Watch the Cloud Drive Movie here: