Set up your own photo and video album

A picture is worth a thousand words

All your photos tell a story whether they are from your latest vacation or they depict the people you care about. At we enable you to easily share your experiences with your friends and family by setting up an online photo album on your own domain name.

Organize your photo albums as you wish

At you can file your digital photos and videos in several albums within the Gallery on your webspace. That way you obtain a natural division of your photos in categories such as vacation photos, photos of friends etc.

When you set up a photo album, you can name it to fit the content and you can write a description to each photo. This makes it easier to remember exactly who is in the picture and what the story is behind each picture. This way you can easily gather all your photos from the latest party in one photo album.

Who can view your photos?

You choose whether your photo album is publicly accessible or invites-only. In the last case the people you invite to see your photos will need a password to log on. You can also select certain photos to be private even though the photo album itself is open to the public. You can invite friends and family to see private photos and you can invite them to upload their own photos or give the permission to make comments about your photos.