How to write a good business email


The first point to make about a good business email is that it shouldn't be spam. Most people don't read spam and won't even see it if they have anti-spam filters. A good business email is one that's permission-based. In other words, recipients have agreed that you can send emails to them. They give this permission by signing up to a scheme on your website or in your promotional literature.


This reference to good quality means you have to present a business email in the right way if it's to influence buying decisions. One way of achieving this is to make it clear to the recipient that what the email is offering is good value. Ideally, an email should also have details of exclusive discounts and sales.


An email must also appeal to the right customer group. When you write a business email, picture the customer. Ensure you understand his or her background, age, income and shopping preferences.

What's in it for me?

When people receive a business email, their first reaction is "What's in it for me?" You must never lose sight of this. You have to describe how your product and service can benefit the customer.


Don't just rely on text to win over customers. Include graphics, links to your website or your blog and appropriate photos in your email. Use your business email to create an experience that holds the recipient's interest.

Spam filtering

With all email accounts come with webmail and IMAP, and the addresses are automatically protected by antivirus and spam filters to avoid any unsolicited or malicious email. They are time-saving and useful features for busines or private use.