The UK domain name market

Facts about the UK domain name market can give you insights into the value and use of the "" suffix. These insights can help you decide whether you'd prefer "" or an alternative.

Size and growth

During recent years the number of "" registrations in the UK domain name market has risen from around 2.2 million to 7.3 million and "" registrations have continued to grow.


The rate of renewals for "" names is around 70%. People also renew a further 11% within a month of expiry.


More than 70% of people in the UK who look for hosting information on the Internet choose "" web addresses rather than ".com". Their view is that "" suggests the website is trustworthy.

Female Internet users in particular put their faith in "" sites. 75% opt for "" as opposed to ".com".

Local relevance

Most UK web users believe that "" has a local relevance. They feel that a "" website is more likely to have the social or business information they seek.

Business use

94% of small businesses with up to nine staff use a "" suffix for their websites. For medium-sized businesses of 100 -249 staff, this percentage drops slightly to 85%. This is because some of the businesses operate globally. If so, they use ".com" as their first domain name suffix, and "" as their secondary one.


These facts may assist you when you consider a UK domain name. To help you further, use's domain name search tool, and please contact our support if you need further advice about finding the right domain name.