Sync data automatically across your devices

Synchronize and collect your data in one place. Bix synchronizes your data and makes the latest version available to you regardless of where you first saved it.

Synchronize your devices

With Bix you open, manage and share your files from any device with an internet connection - e.g. an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, a PC or Mac computer. Using Bix is like collecting the contents of all your computers, tablets and smartphones in one device that you always have access to.

Sync data automatically and quickly across devices. All kinds of files and folders are synchronized easily with Bix. Bix's version control ensures that the latest version is always available to you and that you can restore previous versions if you want.

Overview of your data

Get an overview of the status of your synced data. Bix provides access to File Viewer, where you add the folders you want to synchronize. You can also easily restore a file if you want to undo a change or deletion.

File Viewer shows you whether a particular folder is in sync, or whether you must first synchronize the folder to have access to it everywhere. Sync can be paused and resumed, just as you can easily designate which folders you want synced between the devices.

Take the synchronized version of your data with you anywhere. Whether you're at home, at work or traveling - Bix ensures that the current version of your files is always at hand.