Updating subscription

To access the subscription section click this icon in the control panel:

Accessing the subscription section in the web space Control Panel.


Credit card: This option will mean you will receive an e-mail with a link to your invoice and a payment site when the order is renewed.

Bank transfer: This option will mean you will receive an email with your invoice and payment details when the order is renewed.

You are only able to pay by bank transfer in Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and France.

Inpayment form: When the order is renewed, this option will mean you will receive your invoice by mail with an inpayment form.

Notice that there is a fee of 15 DKK / 20 SEK exclusive VAT, when choosing inpayment form. This payment method is only available in Denmark and Sweden.

Choose your desired payment form and click Update. This will be in effect when the order is renewed.

Selecting payment method.


You can upgrade your web space anytime. The upgrade is for free, except the subscription fee for the larger web space. The total cost is the difference between the two types of web spaces.

Select the size of web space you want and click Next.

Upgrading to a larger web space subscription.

The invoice will show you to total cost, after the rest of your subscription period has been deducted.

Displaying subscription invoice with total costs.

Enter your cardholder name, card number, choose card type, expiry date and enter your security code and click Buy.

Entering payment details.

You have now upgraded your web space.

If you want to upgrade by paying by bank transfer, we will need a written declaration, requesting us to upgrade your web space. Remember to clearly write the domain name, order number and your signature.


For the changes to take effect the downgrade has to be done at least 60 days before your order is renewed. If you downgrade after this ’deadline’, the changes will only be in effect in your next invoice and you still need to pay the previous amount in the current period.

Choose the desired web space size from the drop-down menu and click Next. The web space is now downgraded.

If you wish to downgrade your web space no refund will be made. Your next invoice will show the price for your new size. The downgrade takes place immediately.

Downgrading to a smaller web space subscription.


All your invoices are listed with the amount to pay, due date and whether or not it is paid. Clicking on the invoice number will open the invoice. You will need an up-to-date PDF reader to read the invoice. You can for example use Adobe Reader.

All the invoices are listed as with their amount and due date.

You are not able to change the currency of your invoice.

You are always able to pay your invoices through your control panel by clicking the Pay button, at the top of the page.

Payment can be done via the Control Panel.

Enter your cardholder name, card number, choose card type, expiry date and enter your security code and click Approve and your invoice has been paid.

Entering payment details.