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Using Bix on Windows

Installing Bix on a Windows PC

After downloading the installation program for Windows, locate the file OneComCloudDrive.exe on your computer. Many browsers save the file to your Downloads folder. Check your web browser preferences if you are unsure of the location.

Opening the Cloud Drive installation file

Double-click the file to start the installation program. If Windows asks you to confirm this operation, click Run.

Running the Cloud Drive installation file

Select your language preference and click OK.

Selecting installation language

Click Next to continue.

The Cloud Drive Setup Wizard

Bix will ask you to accept the One.com End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Gracenote license agreement. Click Next and I Agree.

Accepting the end user license agreement

Browse to select an installation folder or use the default location. Click Install.

Selecting destination folder for the Cloud Drive installation

Please wait while Bix is being installed.

Cloud Drive is being installed please wait

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Click Finish to complete installation

The Bix login screen will be displayed. Enter your domain, username (e-mail) and password and click Next.

Logging into Cloud Drive with domain name e-mail and password

From the list of drives select the drive you want to use.

Now your computer is ready to use the Bix application.

Syncing your folders to Bix

Selecting the drives to configure

At any time, you can set up folders to sync to Bix. To set up folders, click Add folder to sync at the top of the Bix File Viewer.

Adding folders to be synced

From the list of folders you can select which to sync. By default it displays Documents, Pictures, Music or Videos - if these folders exist.

Selecting folders to sync

If you wish to sync folders other than these predefined folders, click Add another folder and select the folder that you want to sync. Click OK and Bix immediately begins syncing the content of the selected folders to the cloud.

Your files will automatically synchronize to the default data location and shortcuts will be created.

Add other folders to sync

If you want to change the data location, right-click the Bix icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Cloud Drive can be accessed via the system tray

Then click Settings.

Selecting Settings in the menu

Click Job settings

Cloud Drive job settings

Click Move.

Changing the default data location

Select or create the folder you want to use for real-time sync and click OK.

Selecting the folder to use for real-time sync

To stop syncing a folder, right click the folder and select Cancel Sync while sync is in progress. By right-clicking the folder you can also view the folder and its properties.

Cancelling sync by right-clicking the folder

Bix finds metadata like title, album and song name for all your music, using the Gracenote media database. While accessing Gracenote Powered by Gracenote is displayed in the File Viewer.

Using the Bix context menu

Accessing the Gracenote database for album information

Right-click any folder on your computer to access the context menu.

You can use the context menu to add the folder to sync with Bix, share it with anyone, see the different versions available and get more information on how to use the application.

Downloading Folders from Bix

Accessing the context menu to add folders to sync

You can download any folder from Bix to your computer. To download a folder, click on Edit next to the folder you want to download. At the bottom select, Bix and my computer from the This folder should be stored drop-box and choose where to save the folder on your computer. Click Save.

Clicking save will download the folder to your computer.

Merging Folders in Bix

Downloading folders from Cloud Drive to your computer

If you try to add a folder from your computer to Bix with the same name as an existing folder, you can choose to merge the folder on your computer with the folder on Bix, by clicking OK.

If you try to download a folder from Bix to your computer with the same name as an existing folder, you can choose to merge the folder on Bix with the folder on your computer, by clicking OK.

Restoring Folders from Bix

Adding a duplicate folder

You can restore a folder or file on Bix to your computer by clicking Restore Files.

Restoring a file or folder on Cloud Drive

Select the folder or file to restore to your computer and click Restore.

Selecting the file or folder to restore to your computer

Select the local path you want to restore to and click OK.

Viewing version and properties

Select local path for restore

Right-click a folder and select Properties to view detailed properties.

Viewing folder properties

Right-click any file and select Show Versions to view the versions of your synced folders.

Sharing files and folders

You can share your folders and files as links with anyone you want.

Viewing versions of synced folders

Right-click any synced file or folder, and click Share As Link to share the item.

Sharing an item as a link

Select the number of hours or days the item should be shared, and click Create. Please wait for the link to be generated.

Selecting the duration of the sharing period

To share a file using email, click Email and enter the recipient’s email addresses, subject, and a message and click Send.

Sharing a file using email

You can copy the link by clicking Copy. By default the link is valid for 2 hours and you can change the validity of the link later.

You can view a list of your shared links in the File Viewer. There you can also change the validity and delete the link you have created.