How do I configure the spam filter?

Our spam filter uses a penalty point system. If you activate the spam filter, all your emails will be given points depending on how closely their appearance matches spam mails. Emails given many points are probably spam mails.

If an email is given more points than the warning level, the message [SPAM WARNING] is added to the subject field. If an email is given more points than the kill level, the mail is deleted.

We recommend that the following spam filter values are used:
Warning level 6
Kill level 8

If the warning and kill levels are given identical values or if the kill level is set below the warning level, no warnings will be issued because emails will just be deleted.

To set up the spam filter for your mail account:

  1. Log on your Control Panel via
  2. Click Virus & Spam
  3. Click Edit for the account you want to add a filter to.
  4. Select ON under Spam filter.
  5. Set the levels.
Configuring virus and spam filter.