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Get Email Access Anywhere

Combine your mail at One.com with your mobile phone and get extra mobility to read and send email, no matter where you are.

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Written Sep 7, 2009 Category: Email

Give Your Visitors Flexible Access to Your Photos

Photo Gallery lets you decide who should be able to see your photos. We have now enhanced the flexibility so not just whole albums can be private or public.

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Written Dec 29, 2008 Category: Gallery - Security

Easy Sharing of Photos and Blog Posts

You can now share content directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.

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Written Dec 29, 2008 Category: Blog - Gallery

Our Servers - Your Data

With domain and web space at One.com you maintain full ownership of your personal data and complete control over information you place on your web space.

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Written Dec 29, 2008 Category: Security - Web Hosting

Managing Your Pictures Should be Easy

You can now easily move and copy photos between different albums.

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Written Aug 24, 2008 Category: Gallery

Let Your Pictures Reach New Audiences

You can now insert your photo albums into other websites too, into your own blog or elsewhere. To embed an album means to display an album on a location outside the gallery itself by means of an embed code.

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Written Aug 24, 2008 Category: Blog - Gallery - Website

Bring your Website up-to-date

WebCreator now supports embedding. When building a website with WebCreator, you can insert video and photo galleries into your pages.

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Written Aug 24, 2008 Category: Gallery - Website

New Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery gives you the opportunity to create your own personal gallery on the Internet.

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Written Jun 24, 2008 Category: Gallery

Larger Web Space

We have increased the size of your webspace at no extra cost, to provide you a lot of room for upload of images to the new Photo Gallery on your webspace.

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Written Jun 23, 2008 Category: Gallery - Web Hosting

Top Level Domains

We have just expanded our range of top level domains available for registration at One.com.

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Written Feb 19, 2008 Category: Domain
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